Dunedin’s Future Focus

St Clair Sea Wall 

The St Clair sea wall seems to be back on the agenda once again as the Dunedin City Council recently released information on the St Clair-St Kilda Coastal Plan. Among the plans are a redesigned seawall at St Clair, moving an old landfill away from Middle Beach and improved dune management and access at St Kilda beach.

Personally, and this is just me, I find it completely mind boggling that a landfill was put anywhere near the beach/ocean in the first place. It has to be argued that even a hundred years ago it wouldn’t have taken a genius to look at the landfills location and proximity to the beach and draw the conclusion that something could go wrong.  One option that hasn’t been tabled, which I find a little disappointing is to import a family or two of Wombles to live in burrows around Kettle Park. Surely if wise old Great Uncle Bulgaria can’t sort it out, no one can.

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