The Wairarapa

from a Small City. A delightful jaunt around my own backyard and beyond, chronicling my trips through words and images.

Travel writing, sample text:
“To get to the Lighthouse (having first survived the drive), first you must commit yourself to climbing the two hundred and fifty two steps which were built in 1912. Keeping in mind that the Lighthouse was first lit in 1897, that gives fifteen years that Keepers had to scramble up a dangerously slippery dirt track just to reach the Lighthouse. Once there, they still had to haul the supplies (oil and kerosene) up the cliff face to the light station by way of a hand winch. Getting supplies to live off was just as complicated. Stores were delivered every three months, weather permitting. On the occasions when the seas were too rough, the stores were landed six kilometres away at Kawakawa Bay. This then left the Lighthouse Keeper with the dilemma of getting the stores back to his lodgings. ” 

Sample Writing:
… from a Small Writing – Chater 9 – download free PDF

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