Ross Creek Track Waterfall

Here’s short video I forgot about!

Ross Creek Track Waterfall

The other week I went wandering along some of the bush tracks in Leith Valley, in North Dunedin. I started at the entrance to the tracks that start off Rockside Road and head into the bush from there. The stream that runs down from Ross Creek Reservoir and links up with the Water of Leith was on the low side meaning a few of the small waterfalls were easily accessible. While I was there I made a short view which I then forgot about until yesterday. I hope you enjoy it. 

Ross Creek Reservoir

Ross Creek Reservior

If we’re being precise, this location isn’t actually Ross Creek Reservior. It’s just across the road near the northern entrance on Booth, Tanner and Wakari Roads. It does have a name, but I simply can’t remember it. The only things my notes say for this shot/day are ‘rocks are slippery when wet’ and ‘remember tripod next time.’ Clearly it was a day when I was thinking with great clarity and insight at my contemplative, psychological best.