The Cook Strait Ferry

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Standing in the wind on the Cook Strait ferry, I was reminded of recently reading that in 1962, the rail service in New Zealand changed greatly. Until that year, rail in the North and South Islands weren’t connected. So, when the roll-on-roll-off ferry the GMV Aramoana set sail on 11 August 1962, the Cook Strait Inter-Island Rail and Road Service was born.

Cook Strait

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On the ferry from Wellington to Picton they were showing the movie Frozen. I have some questions. 

1. In the movie, is the way the snowflakes fall in the wind scientifically accurate?
2. What about hypothermia?
3. What about climate change?
4. Wouldn’t Elsa’s ice castle be amazingly boring?
5. Just how close can a snowman get to a fire without melting?

I wanted to address these questions with the other passengers. These were questions that needed answers and so I looked around to see who I could converse with. The dad’s were mostly asleep, the children were engrossed in the TV while the mum’s had that disturb me at your peril look. Deciding that I was the only one questioning what was being shown, I left these ponderings and I went for a walk outside before returning to my seat and settling back into my book until arriving in Picton.