Paraparaumu Beach & Kapiti Island

Paraparaumu Beach and Kapiti Island Buy 

Looking out from Paraparaumu Beach, across to Kapiti Island and the setting sun, I recalled recently reading that back in the 1830’s, whales migrated with their young through the channel between the Island and the shore. It would have been marvellous to see. I also recall reading that the channel provided a sheltered anchorage for ships and several shore-based whaling stations operated near-by, which explains why you don’t see whales in the area any more!

2 thoughts on “Paraparaumu Beach & Kapiti Island”

  1. I remember this lovely photo great to see it again The text is about the beautiful Christmas tree that was at the mall this year ? Hopefully the photo will be repeated soon

    1. Unfortunately June there was an error which meant the text wrong text was populated this mornings blog. It’s updated now.
      If you want to see previous photos, simply scroll down the page.

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