Who Is Adam Scott?

The Adam Scott Jetty at Sunrise

I’ve got a number of ideas on how to photograph this small jetty however all of them involve either sunrise or night time. So, I’m having to be patient.

This jetty here in Dunedin is called the Adam Scott Jetty. I did some digging but I couldn’t find any reference to further information about it. It left me wondering who Adam Scott is. The only one I know of is Adam Scott the Australian golfer. Thanks to Google, I am now also aware of an actor called Adam Scott and I now know there are at least 317 (that’s when I stopped counting) people called Adam Scott on Facebook. There are also many more many more called Scott Adam. I also found out that in White Cloud, Michigan there is an annual rodeo held for Adam Scott who at the age of 18 passed away during a bull riding accident in 2002. While it seemed unlikely that any of these Adam Scott’s was the person the jetty was named after, I need to come to some conclusion to satisfy my curiosity.

So, I’ve decided to make and believe the following widely untrue assumptions about the naming of the jetty. In 2013, having been so impressed with Australian golfer Adam Scott’s 2013 Masters win at Augusta, Dunedin residents named the Jetty after him in recognition of his wonderful achievement. The jetty was chosen as a symbol to the famous 16th hole water hazard on the Augusta course.

I ask again, who is Adam Scott?

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