St Paul’s In Spring

St Paul’s.

A bit of a change today from my usual creative adventures on the Esplanade. This is St Paul’s Anglican Church in Arrowtown, which is inland from Dunedin in Central Otago. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a road trip so I might need to organise one once the weekends become free. St Paul’s in Arrowtown was built at the time of the Otago gold rush in September 1871 which makes it 150 years old. Before it was the built many of the miners wanted a dedicated Anglican Community and once they had raised the necessary funds and found a piece of land, the church was built. It has been holding services in the same place ever since.
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One thought on “St Paul’s In Spring”

  1. Arrowtown the most photographed place don’t you think always something new any season yep people rave about it but my own thoughts are it’s ok but not a favourite of mine

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