St Clair Esplanade Reflection

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While walking on the St Clair Esplanade ………
I had spent some time trying to dodge seaspray, low flying seaweed and chunks of driftwood that were ricocheting off the St Clair Seawall during a particularly high tide.

Afterwards I noticed that scattered among the collection of debris on the Esplanade were a number of large puddles. Fortunately these sat undisturbed and upon closer inspection I noticed a number of reflections were providing mirror like images of the various buildings and structures that sat along the street. Not having the lens I would usually use to capture such an angle, I improvised as best I could. Funny that everyone else was letting themselves get covered in seaspray, yet I was the one being looked at as the one doing something odd!


2 thoughts on “St Clair Esplanade Reflection”

  1. Yes well people don’t usually photograph puddles but looking at this great picture maybe they should

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