Smith Gallery at Toitu Museum

Smith Gallery at Toitu MuseumBuy or view the Ōtepoti | Dunedin gallery

While walking in Toitu Early Settlers Museum ………
I emerged into the Smith Gallery to find four walls of images staring down at me. No matter how many times I visit this room, there’s always an unnerving moment when I realise all these eyes are fixed upon me. Once I’ve gotten over the fear that one of the photos might come to life, there are two things that I find remarkable about this room. Firstly, all the portraits are displayed in chronological order of the settlers’ arrival, along with details of the ship they travelled on and who they married. Secondly, so many pioneers had their photos taken at all, as it must be remembered that photography was a fairly new invention when these fine folk were alive.

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  1. When I was there once someone said to me do you know why none of them are smiling and I replied because they lived in a tough time no was the answer it’s because most of them had either rotten teeth or no teeth !

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