Careys Creek

Careys Creek at Evansdale Glen

The walking track that runs alongside Careys Creek at Evansdale Glen is another one of those pleasant walks that are full of flora and fauna. It starts at the picnic area called Evansdale Glen and follows an old farm track that gets progressively rougher until it becomes a narrow foot track From there, it links up with two other tracks called the Rongomai and Honeycomb Tracks which form a loop if your interested in a challenge and feeling energetic. When I was there, as I wasn’t feeling at my energetic best so I decided to splash in the creek and take photos instead.

Another Mystery Location

Careys Creek

This is another mystery location that I’m not 100% sure of. I’m thinking it’s Carey’s Creek which is north of Dunedin and runs near the Silver Peaks area through to Evandale Glen and out to the coast, I believe. I recall while detouring slightly off the track and coming across a sign that warned of hunters operating in the area. It got me wondering if I should be more worried about being attacked by wild animals or shot by the hunters who were hunting them. Either way, it was a lovely afternoon.    

Evansdale Glen Scenic Reserve

Evansdale Glen Scenic Reserve – Buy 

Arriving, what I found was something altogether quite different. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I had to double check on Google Maps that I was in the right place. After parking my car beside a sign that said, ‘Evansdale Glen Scenic Reserve’ I was still sure there must be some mistake. Yet here I was. Standing, phone in hand, jaw well and truly dropped looking out beyond a hidden bush canopy. This must be what the New Zealand wilderness is like I thought.