To Walk In The Path Of Flowers

To Walk In The Path Of Flowers.

One of the aspects of creativity that I really believe in is that of observation. Personally, I find creative thoughts really come alive after a period of observation. It might be walking down the street listening to music, it might be sitting quietly watching something, but once I allow my brain time to see what’s in front of me and for it to formulate its own thoughts, I know the creative process is well underway. 

This is a photo I took at Dunedin’s Botanical Garden’s. I sat and watched the flowers for at least 10 minutes, just letting my thoughts and eyes go wherever it may. Occasionally the flowers would move in a breeze, occasional a bee would stop by. After a while I started to see textures and patterns within the flowers. I let my brain continue on that line of thought before setting out to create what my mind had seen.

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