Taieri River Hues

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When I was younger, we often went to the beach at Taieri Mouth. I remember always asking if we could stop for an ice cream at the shop on the way home. Usually we did, this was then followed by attempts to stop it dripping all over the back seat of the car until we reached Dunedin or a towel was needed. It had been a considerable time since I had last been to the small finishing village and I was keen to see it once more. I remembered there being bush walks to do, a long beach to explore, old fishing boats to gaze at and all the charms that small villages by the sea hold.

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The Experience of Seeing doesn’t follow set themes or ideas. Instead, it’s about seeing beauty in everyday objects and creating photographs that ask and answer the questions I have. It’s about taking a photograph in a way that reflects what I was thinking and seeing. That’s what these photograpgh’s are about, The Experience Of Seeing.

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