Rally To Support Palestine

Demonstrators calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza 

It was a bright, clear, sunny day. Since I had no particular plans, I decided to walk to the Botanical Gardens in North Dunedin. A distance of around 7.5 kilometres (4.6 miles). The harbour looked radiantly still and flat, I decided to stick as close to it as I could. Others clearly had the same idea as I passed all manner of people who were enjoying the stunning Dunedin day. After some time, I reached a spot called Steamer Basin where I decided to detour. I left my seaside stroll and head through the centre of town for a different vista. After crossing the railway tracks and passing the Railway Station, the Early Settlers Museum and the High and District Court, I ventured up to the Octagon where I visited the statue of Scottish poet Robbie Burns. Once there, I rested for a bit and contemplated a number of questions like why people find it so hard to use rubbish bins? a question I often find myself asking and one that I’m yet to answer. 

After saying hello to the famous bard, I headed off towards the Otago Museum and the Botanic Gardens that are located in the north end of town. It was once I was nearing the museum that I came across a sight I wasn’t expecting, a protest rally. The crowd of several hundred were matching in silence which was strangely frightening and very effective. They carried signs that read “Cease Fire Now!” “Liberation for Palestine,” and other such signs and banners that called for a ceasefire to the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. I stood and watched them as they slowly and silently matched down the street. Unlike other rally’s I’ve watched that seem a little disorganised and disjointed, this one clearly had a point that everyone believed in. I stood and watched as they rounded a corner and suddenly broke into one loud voice. Later, I read that the rally for Palestine group planned to hold similar rallies unless a ceasefire deal was reached. As they disappeared down the street, I wished them well. Then I turned, and headed for the Botanic Gardens.

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