Portobello Road On The Otago Peninsula

Portobello Road – Buy 

Flying across the Otago Peninsula we started tracking Portobello Road which runs the length of Otago Peninsula to the small village of Portobello. The bays and inlets looked stunning with long views down to the blue sea, with shades of green, separated only by a road that snaked its way along the base of the land by the sea shore. Perhaps it was the time of day, the weather or the sense of experiencing the world from a different view but it seemed perfect. The land rolling down to the water in splendid hues of colour. I could have looked at it for hours.

2 thoughts on “Portobello Road On The Otago Peninsula”

    1. Thanks June, I love playing with colour!! On a side note since you’re not on Facebook, this is all about simplicity of composition and what to leave out and what to leave in. There really is only three elements; land; road and water and so creating a balance between the three was really important as it extends the image beyond the edge of the frame. It also kind of looks like the tail of a tuatara!

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