Lake Roxburgh Walkway

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While walking in Alexandra ….
A sign on an old, faded white post, with a bright blue background and white lettering said ‘Graveyard Gully Road.’ Here I found myself a little disappointed. If ever there was a chance to show a little creativity in road signs, then this was it. I paused for a moment at how ominous and dramatic it would be for tourists if the road name was simply painted on old faded wood in black lettering that had aged in the sun. With a few animal skulls scattered nearby. 

Disappointed in the simplicity of the road sign design, I headed along it anyway until I found the Manuherikia Cemetery. Beyond the cemetery is Lake Roxburgh Walkway. I didn’t have any intention of walking the 4 kilometres to Butchers Point or the further 6 kilometres to Doctors Point. However, for a few moments I did enjoy the first wee section of the track as it opened above the river.

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