Ko te Tuhono

Ko te Tuhono, by Ayesha Green – Buy 

Officially, the Octagon in Dunedin was made a public reserve 168 years ago in 1854. The Octagon was part of English surveyor Charles Kettle’s 1846 plan for the new city which would feature a large Octagonal area in the centre of the city with a small octagonal reserve in the middle. 

Once construction of the new city started with dwellings of all kinds being added, the Octagon stood empty for many years before any major structure of any kind was added. The first being a monument to William Cargill who was leader of the Free Church migration to Otago which was erected in 1864. Since then, monuments have been moved, added and replaced. Star Fountains have been added and dismantled and all kinds of upgrades have taken place. 
One of the latest additions is this sculpture called Ko te Tuhono, by Ayesha Green.

Postscript: 100 in 20

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  1. Sad the Star fountain was removed Octagon is a disgrace at the moment and I’m sorry to say that the structure in the photo is out of place and context

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