From The Memory Of Delight

From The Memory Of DelightFlagstaff, Pineapple Track, Dunedin Buy 

Historical Note: There are two places to start the Pineapple Track that runs along the Dunedin City skyline. The starting points however are 5 kilometres apart and it takes over two hours to get from point to point. Towards the Southern end, the track starts to pass through tussock high above the city tree line and along Flagstaff Hill. The Flagstaff Hill vantage point, high above the harbour and inner plains, was used during pioneering times to signal when a ship was entering the harbour. A flag was raised on the hill signalling the ship’s arrival to the people on the plains and surrounding areas.

Photographic Note: This vantage point offers a 360 degree view of Dunedin City. From viewing down the Peninsula, to St Clair beach and inland over the Taieri plains. The main decision is which direction to photograph first. On this day, I timed it so I’d had a wonderful view back over Dunedin City.

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