Fareham House

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There are rumours that this place is haunted. It’s called Fareham House and is set amongst 25 acres of farmland, bush and orchard. While I was in the North Island, I spent some time in the Wairarapa District. On my travels, it was one of the places I stayed at. Before I arrived at Farehouse House , I had read that it was haunted and upon browsing in a local bookstore, one of the owners had informed me that it ‘most definitely was haunted.’So, you can imagine my excitement and anticipation when upon arrival I found the house to be a massive historic homestead that seemed perfect setting for some ghostly haunting.

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  1. What a high house can’t imagine having to climb up all those steps maybe the ghost is at the top and doesn’t want to climb down Did you see it ? Looks a bit worse for wear but of course it’s old and showing it’s years

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