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There are certain news item’s you don’t expect to come out of Britian during their summer months and temperatures reaching 40 degrees is one of them. If Britain is anything like New Zealand, then temperature from the mid-20’s up is considered a ‘scorcher.’ So this morning when I woke up to hear the headline of ‘UK records its hottest-ever temperature, with 40.3C’ well that was a surprise. If you spend a summer in Australia, temperatures of 40.0C seem to be the norm, however in Britain that’s unheard of.

So, with summer heatwaves in mind, here’s a picture from a lovely summer’’s day on Otago Harbour.

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  1. Well we’ll have to make the heat pumps into cold pumps and get some fans and keep hydrated yes with WATER and go to the sea for a cool off sounds ok

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