Dunedin’s Heat Wave

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The next day, by 9am the temperature had already reached a staggering 15 degrees with the forecast predicting a whopping high of 27. By local standards, it was going to be sweltering. It always surprises me how early people in Dunedin get up when the temperature is predicted to reach such dizzying heights. This is probably more a case of not knowing when it might be like this again. It’s almost as if the local council has sent out an emergency text message warning people of extreme heat! On days like these, the people of Dunedin tend to get all the ‘must-do’ jobs done early, wear as little as possible and head for the beach. So, like everyone else who was determined to make the most of the day, I headed out the door, my lily white legs proudly on show for all to see.

One thought on “Dunedin’s Heat Wave”

  1. Another great photo it’s great that in Dunedin when it’s very hot people do enjoy but also find it a relief when the next day maybe cooler and then enjoy another with high temperatures

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