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I awoke to rain! I stood at the window gazing out to a white mist, where a city used to be. Judging by the ground, it had been raining for some time and the lack of wind indicated that these conditions were settling in for a long stay. Watching the rain fall into large ponds that would probably start attracting wildlife, I stood somewhat dumbfounded in Dunedin’s summer weather. You would think after all these years it would be something I was used to, alas no. Every year when December rolls around I prepare myself for the best summer ever, hoping for long, hot, warm days lasting for weeks on end. However, usually by the end of January I’m resisting the temptation to light a fire, lamenting a summer that never really got started. On this occasion, I gave up all hope of seeing a beach, instead I opted for the museum. I had been wanting to photograph a lion display and this seemed like as good a time as any.

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  1. I like this photo I like lions and I like Dunedin weather too I particularly like the way we mix up our weather and keep everyone guessing !

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