Dunedin Street Art by Milarky

Dunedin Street Art by Milarky Buy or view the Ōtepoti | Dunedin gallery

The only problem with Dunedin Street Art is that now there is so much of it. It’s hard to remember where they all are. Once, they were all near the Warehouse Precinct, Queens Gardens and Vogel Street making it easy to wander the streets in some sort of missguided, jumbled order. However, so many pieces are now scattered around the city it is nearly impossible to remember them all. I was actually looking for an artwork of a large bird with all these metal pieces flying off. However, I couldn’t remember where it was. So, I enjoyed all the other artworks I did find, such as this piece by Taranaki artist Milarky.

3 thoughts on “Dunedin Street Art by Milarky”

  1. That bird you were after is up Stafford Street, just down from the Sew Hoy Building and on the opposite side of the street.
    And the portrait of Ralph Hotere is nearby too.

  2. I have often looked at this while stopping at the lights but did not know the artists name was milarky😳 I wonder how many other pieces are by the same person?

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