Welcome To Autumn

Autumn in Dunedin

Here in this part of the world it’s that lovely time of year when all the colours of trees start to change. The sun is now a fraction lower in the sky, the mornings and evenings are becoming a tad colder with a definite autumnal feel to the start of each day. Around the city, the autumn colour palette of warm yellow undertones mixed with oranges, reds, ochre and olive colours is starting to appear. Before long the inner city will be covered in leaves.

Historic Tram At Toitū Museum

Maori Hill-Roslyn Tram No 1Buy or view the Ōtepoti | Dunedin gallery

I’d be driven indoors by a late summer rain shower that had hung around the city all day. Not being discouraged and deterred, I was determined to see things around the city and so to pass the time until the rain stopped, I was exploring what I thought was a museum. I was a bit confused on this fact as it seemed to have been turned into a giant playground as parents were allowing children to freely run around the museum, making the most monstrous noise. I was wanting to photograph the old Maori Hill-Roslyn Tram No 1 and after 10 minutes of patiently waiting while children ignored their parents’ demands to “get here now!” I was able to get the clear shot I wanted.

Seasons – Autumn

Autumn in Dunedin

Queens Garden in AutumnBuy or view the Ōtepoti | Dunedin gallery

Thus it was that I found myself on a Saturday morning, on an exceptionally warm and still day walking through the city. I sat on the concrete steps of the Cenotapth, and in wonderful autumn sunshine watched as cars moved past the office blocks, museums, art galleries and other various buildings that lined The Exchange and Queens Garden.