Once Upon A Time In The West

The Clays Cliffs near Omarama

Roughly 10 km to the west of the township of Omarama you’ll find the Clays Cliffs. Formed around two million years ago, they are an impressive sight and a good wee stroll if you need to stretch your legs. Personally, I always think they look like something out of a spaghetti western movie. I keep expecting Lee Van Cleef or Clint Eastwood from For a Few Dollars More to suddenly appear. Or, if I’m really lucky, Claudia Cardinale from Once Upon A Time In The West might make an appreance. However instead of seeing an Italian film actress, all I ever seem to end up with are British tourists in campervans.

Omarama Clay Cliff

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It’s not often you can say you’re standing in front of something that was formed 20 million years ago but that’s just what the Clay Cliffs near Omarama are. The pinnacles and ridges were formed from layers of gravel and silt that came from ancient rivers, lakes and glaciers. The layers were compressed and pushed up by a fault-line. As this happened, the rock was eroded by wind and rain, creating deep ravines and high pinnacles.

The Clay Cliffs Of Omarama

A Walk In The Badlands

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I awoke to pain that left me in no doubt about the agony I was set to suffer for the rest of the day. Usually, these symptoms are associated with a pounding head, a throat feeling like sandpaper and an overwhelming feeling of dehydration. Today, things were different. The endless pain was not coming from a pulsating vein in my left temple. Nor the result of overindulging the night before, but from my calf muscles.

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