Palmerston Sunrise

Palmerston Sunrise – Buy 

This is one of those images where I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time. I spied the glow from the sun as it appeared beyond the trees, at the same time creating wonderful beams of light shooting out in all directions. The only issue was the extremely heavy dew, only added to the recent heavy rain, meaning the grass wasn’t exactly stable to walk on.

The Inch Valley

Ford in the Inch Valley – Buy 

On my way to Ranfurly in the Maniototo, I stopped near the small town of Dunback. I’d been following the line of the Shag River which rises in the Kakanui Mountains and flows all the way to the Pacific Ocean near the town of Palmerston. Along the way, I’d spotted a few promising photo locations and finally decided to stop by a ford in the Inch Valley, only five minutes from Dunback. There, I found the river maintaining some of the flow created by the recent rain.

East Otago From Puketapu

East Otago from Puketapu – Buy 

This is the remarkable view from the top of Puketapu in Palmerston. Standing nearly 350 metres high, the summit offers stunning 360 degree views out to sea and inland to the Shag Valley. During World War II, local Palmerston town constable Bert Kelly ran up Puketapu every morning in full uniform to watch for enemy ships.

East Otago Fence Line At Dawn

Fenceline at dawn – Buy 

I used to spend a lot of time driving New Zealand roads at dawn. Well, the same road lots of times to be precise. It’s such a special time of day when the light is doing interesting things. Some days I would see scenes that would say something to me, other days I wouldn’t. The scenes, themes and ideas that I enjoyed the most, always had some form of human element to them. Like this fenceline for example. 

Palmeston to Ranfurly

Low cloud on the Pigroot Buy or view the Ōtepoti | Dunedin gallery

Travelling from Palmeston to Ranfurly, then on to Alexandra I decided to call in at some of the “viewing” spots that are located along the way. When at last I stopped, I gathered some gear from the back of the car and examined my surroundings. Hunched beneath the misty rain, I had a look around. As far as I could see, there were nothing but low clouds with the odd shaft of light peeking through. Later, content with what I’d seen, I went off back to the car.