A Walk In South D

Corner of Macandrew Road and King Edward StreetBuy or view the Ōtepoti | Dunedin gallery

Having spent a decent period of time taking in the light show called Mana Moana: Otepoti on Otago Harbour at the Steamer Basin, I headed for South Dunedin. King Edward Street to be more precise. For some unknown reason I felt the desire to wander along familiar streets that I hadn’t spent any recent time on. I started on the corner of Sullivan Avenue and King Edward Street and headed east in the direction of the beach. My intention wasn’t to get to the beach yet I wasn’t completely sure what my intention was at all. All I knew is that at some point I would find what I was looking for. I strolled for some time passing windows of pubs and restaurants that were filled with patrons who watched and followed my movements with suspicious eyes. I passed teenagers that were huddled in small groups in the light of an alleyway, busily vaping and taking long swigs out of soft drinking bottles that I suspected was some alcoholic concoction of rocket fuel. 

After an unknown period of time I stopped on the corner of Macandrew Road and King Edward Street. In one direction a police car raced, flashing its red and blue lights while in the other an ambulance weaved its way through the intersection in front of me which had come to a halt for a few seconds. Watching a bus disappear into the distance, a lady drew up beside me, she caught my eye before remarking ‘oh well, nice night for a walk.’ As she headed off in the direction of the bus that had long since vanished, a man from across the street had come a little closer and remarked ‘I dropped my chip money, lucky I found it aye.’ He smiled a joyful grin and ambled down the street in the direction of the chippy.

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