2021 Begins Right Here, Right Now

Alleyway on Moray Place and Street Art by Phlegm (UK).

Happy New Year everyone, 2021 begins right here, right now!
This is my promise to you and hopefully the many more people who decided to follow my journey through 2021. I’m going to bring to you a unique blog post three times a week from my creative and curious mind. In 100 words or less (however I suspect I will view this word limit as more of a guideline than an actual rule), I’ll provide you with a unique, curious and creative view of Aotearoa and Ōtepoti as I explore the themes of culture, regional and social identity. After one visit, you’ll definitely be curiously motivated  to return, as I photograph and write about life on a small island, in a small city, located at 45.52° S, 170.46°E in the South Pacific Ocean. These are the couristies of my island home. 

See you every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Mā te wā (Bye for now, see you later)


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