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I was in Whanganui and feeling a little glum! It could have been something to do with the heavy rain that had been falling all day, or maybe the extremely average hotel that I had checked into, or it could have been the fact that I was in Whanganui. I was trying my best to keep an open mind, however I was quickly losing the battle. 

The previous evening in Wellington, I knew I would be needing a place to stay the following night, so while enjoying a beer at a local pub I had scrolled through the various options that the internet suggested. After narrowing down my limited options, I made my selection and proceeded to book for one night. Upon booking, I noticed that for an extra $10 I could book a room with a balcony view. Well, why not, I thought, imagining myself relaxing in the late afternoon sun, enjoying the fresh evening air and watching all the exciting things happening in the world below. Instead, upon arrival in my room, I found I had a view of a brick wall across from a rough car park that looked suspiciously like an empty lot that had simply been taken over! I took a moment to examine my room. I deduced that the $10 might have been better spent on maybe putting the mirror up, replacing the ‘things to do in Whanganui 2016/2017’ catalogue, vacuuming the room, replacing the blu tack on the emergency exit signs or replacing one of three light bulbs that were missing – not out, but actually missing! So while I decided whether I wanted the TV, Fridge or Kettle plugged into the wall plug, I played hide and seek with the TV remote control. A game I lost! 

Following this I stopped in at the bar which looked like it was about to close and found out that the chef had just finished for the evening. After all, it was 6pm! So, I headed out into the rain to see what Whanganui had to offer.

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  1. I have never been to Wanganui sorry I prefer the old spelling but I’m sure it’s got some charm maybe on a sunny day

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