down in the groove

Enjoy the Saturday swell (day 4 of 30)

There seemed a delightful stillness to Dunedin over the weekend. It was the kind of weather that was perfect for enjoying the outdoors. So, I went for a walk on both Saturday and Sunday mornings to see what the world was offering. I walked for some distance and eventually I end up at the Esplanade. There I found the restaurants and bars doing a brisk trade and a scattering of people strolling in their own time along various parts of waterfront. The busiest spot by far though were the steps to the beach which judging by the wet footprints had been frequented by many surfers already that day and judging by the car park, more were likely.

Waiting for the next set. Sunday arvo Second Beach The walk back.

One thought on “down in the groove”

  1. The esplanade is always an interesting place which seems to attract both young and old for different reasons and also the attraction is multi seasonal thank you for great photos

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