moonrise over the pacific

Moonrise (day of 3 of 30)

I don’t often hear about people talking about Moonrise but, there it is, hanging a full 4 degrees above the horizontal line out in the Pacific Ocean. With today being a full moon I went in search of full moon myths and theories. What I discovered was that apparently the full moon makes you crazy, aliens inhabit the moon, the moon controls fertility, the moon is a hollow space craft, man never landed on the moon, the nazis had a base on the moon and my personal favourite, a rabbit dwells on the moon.

Here’s a few more shots from the Esplanade this week.

Handrail at the Apartments Right Surf Club Friday High tide

2 thoughts on “moonrise over the pacific”

  1. There has been some interesting moons lately especially with the fog the colours in this yellow sky are amazing

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