The MacKenzie Backcountry

Monday’s at Fibber Magee’s

I wanted to test the video function here on my blog. It’s something I’ve been meaning to try out, that’s loading a video from my phone, straight to my blog. So, here’s a wee video I took while in Belfast at the beginning of 2020. We were at Fibber Magees on Great Victoria Street in Belfast. It was a Monday night and just when it looked like the place was going to close a band started up. After that the crowd steady grew and grew.

The Whiskey Hut & The Mackenzie Backcountry

A Bad Decision / The Whiskey Hut

There are two ways to get to this point in the Mackenzie background, one is walk and the other is fly. Walking takes you up to three days while flying was less than an hour. Which ever way you choose, you end up at 7000ft at this little hut called A Bad Decision Hut/The Whiskey Hut with outstanding views of the surrounding peaks, valley’s and everything in between.

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