The Heritage Precinct In Oamaru

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I recently drove to Christchurch from Dunedin, a distance of some 360 kilometres. On the way I ventured through Oamaru and on a whim I detoured through the heritage precinct situated near the harbour. Made up of several streets, the heritage precinct is a wonderful streetscape of commercial Victorian style buildings that are constructed from local limestone and were built around 1865 to 1885. Needing to stretch my legs, I parked several blocks away and joined the steady throng of people who were ambling around the area. I walked down Tyne Street and turned left into Harbour Street. I was hoping to photograph the outside of some of the historic buildings, however for reasons that can only be guessed the street has been left open to traffic. As I was standing there, I tried to figure out the logic of having a street no more than 100 metres in length, with a width of no more than several cars and buildings over 150 years old that attracts large crowds, and the council allows people to park cars right in front of them. As I moved along the street, I thought to myself there really is nothing like casually strolling from shop to shop, admiring hand crafted facades and having to wait while some numb nut tries to parallel park a Subaru Impreza or for a Mitsubishi Outlander to move because the driver doesn’t want to walk the extra 10 steps to the shop!

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  1. I too have recently visited this part of Oamaru and was also surprised by the cars everywhere but I did enjoy a great takeaway English breakfast tea the best one I’d had for a few days and a great cinnamon scroll ! I would like to go back and visit some other parts of the precinct

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