Quiet Streets

Quiet Streets

My time in lockdown has been broken up with various walks and strolls through close to empty streets. Occasionally the odd car passes me accompanied with an angry stare from the occupants, people cross the street when they see me coming and my friendly “hello” or “good morning” are met with general indifference. Despite having the feeling that I’m being shunned by society, one of the great advantages is that there are now plenty of vantage points to get photos.

It would usually be impossible to get a photograph from this vantage point on the over bridge on a Saturday afternoon with no traffic or pedestrians. I must have waited for a total of 1 minute for cars to pass before I could get the empty shot I wanted.

One thought on “Quiet Streets”

  1. It must be strange to wander around with hardly any sign of life and take photos you never thought you would be able to because of the never ending traffic

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