The Catlins River

The Catlins River 

When I was growing up, most of the history of Aotearoa that I was taught started with the arrival of Europeans. Very little mention was made of earlier inhabitants which were actually here for quite a significant period of time. Take the Catlins for example, Captain James Cook first sighted the area in the 1770’s when he sailed past. However, archaeological evidence points towards Māori tribes occupying the area to about 1350AD.

Silver Beech Trees In The Catlins

Silver Beech Trees In The Catlins – Buy 

When I was in Tawanui, near Owaka in The Catlins, I went walking along the Catlins River track. Like everywhere in The Catlins, it’s an amazing place that’s incredibly peaceful and serene. All spots in The Catlins seem that way, they hold a majestic quality that’s hard to describe. While walking along The Catlins River, I passed through an exotic forest that’s filled with all sorts of amazing ferns and silver beech trees that inspired this photo.


The Catlins River – Buy 

After arriving in Owaka, I continued south on the Southern Scenic Route, State Highway 92. I turned right onto Catlins Valley Road, right onto Morris Saddle Road, then left which eventually brought me to the Tawanui Camping in the Owaka Valley. From there, I found the beginning of a walk along The Catlins River. Something that was a true delight.