Cornish Piano in the Owaka Museum

Here’s what I can tell you about this piano (organ) which I discovered in the Owaka Museum. The antique organ is carved and turned in wood and finished with red fabric along the front while the keys are constructed of wood with white plastic and ebony. Made by the Cornish Piano & Organ company, the business was established in Washington, New Jersey in 1879. Once production started, the reputation of the company quickly grew and it was known for producing products with excellent craftsmanship.  So popular were the pianos and organs, by the 1890’s, the Cornish company was producing over 10,000 instruments a year, shipping them all over the world. 

Unfortunately, in 1922 a devastating fire ripped through the Cornish company, bruning the factory to the ground. The company was never rebuilt, instead replaced over time by a gas station and later a food store. These days, the pianos and organs made by the company can be found all over the world, including this one in the Owaka museum. 


Farm field in Clydevale

Primarily a sheep, beef and dairy farming area, you’ll find the small town of Clydevale 30 kilometres north-west of the South Otago town of Balclutha. Close by is the Danone milk factory which produces the Karicare brand of infant formula, there’s a few local businesses, a rugby club and that’s about it. Yet, there’s something quite delightful about the whole area. Maybe it’s the very big river that runs through the town or maybe it’s just that, a small country town.