Dwan In Glenorchy

Glenorchy Mountain Peaks – Buy 

A few years back, I stayed a few nights in the tiny South Island town of Glenorchy. One morning, waking up early I snuck out for a walk as dawn was starting to break. I made my way down to the pier at the lakefront and savoured the splendor of the colours that surrounded me. If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to make you feel insignificant, it’s watching the earth wake-up while being encircled in mountain peaks. Only gradually did dawn on me that I was the only one around.

The Sugerloaf & The Routeburn Track

The Routeburn Track – Buy

I decided, impulsively, to walk a section of the Routeburn Track. However, being neither prepared or dressed for such an undertaking, it was when I reached a swing bridge over Sugerloaf Stream that I reconsidered my options. Looking at my watch and discovering the afternoon was quickly disappearing, I made a few quick calculations. Deciding that I’d gone far enough to earn a beer at the nearest pub, I started the walk back.