Hotels In Hong Kong

The New Lucky Hotel

While looking through my unpublished photos I found this one from my time in Hong Kong. On the coroner of Nathan and Jordan Road in Kowloon, you’ll find the New Lucky Hotel and Hostel. Curious to find out what it is like, I went to the review section of Tripadvisor. If you want a good laugh, I’d recommend reading the poor reviews on Tripadvisor, it really is rather entertaining. On this occasion I discovered that New Lucky Hotel had 21 reviews, of which 14 were rated as Poor or Terrible. To sum up what guests had said, it seems that the place is alright for one night if everywhere else in Hong Kong is booked! Further to that, while it’s convenient and cheap, in general it’s a bit grotty, pretty horrible and should be avoided at all costs. Unless of course you’ve learned to live like an unwashed sardine before you arrive, then you’ll probably be ok.

Nathan Road In Kowloon

Nathan Road in Kowloon

Apparently Hong Kong’s 13th governor, Sir Matthew Nathan was quite influential. He must have been, after all he does have a road named after him. Yet, that wasn’t always the case. Nathan Road was originally called Robinson Road with the first section being completed in 1861, making it the first road built in Kowloon. However, due to the fact there was already a Robinson Road on Hong Kong Island, the name was changed to Nathan Road in 1909 to avoid confusion. These days Nathan Road is known as the Golden Mile. It is a must for shopping enthusiasts, it requires comfortable walking shoes, it can get very crowded and there’s always a hidden gem to be found.

Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market In Hong Kong

Not long after this, I ventured into the vibrant depths of Hong Kong’s Temple Street Night Market. You can wander through stalls that have everything from Chinese souvenirs, to arts and crafts. There’s electronics, clothing, jewellery, stationary, hair combs, bangles, bags, t-shirts, carvings and all sorts of nic-nacs. In fact, almost anything you’d like. There’s wall to wall street-food and just for good measure fortune tellers You could spend hours getting lost in the tents that line the streets that come alive after 9pm. It’s completely bizarre in a very fantastic way.