20 Photos Of St Clair Beach

A Walk At St Clair

Dawn on St Clair Beach

St Clair, there’s so many reasons to love it. Firstly, there’s surfing at the beach. Secondly, swimming at the Salt Water Pool. Then there’s the kids playground and all the cafes and bars along The Esplanade and so much more. Dunedinities simply can’t get enough of the place.

I’ve got loads of photos of St Clair. Actually, I’ve got so many it’s hard to narrow it down to any particular favourites. So, here’s a lucky dip of St Clair images I’ve taken between dawn and dusk.

Morning Hues Surfing Prep The Hydro Expression Session, Kneeboarding Surfing World Titles 2020 (01.03.19)Salt Bar & Restaurant Hydro Lights I Hydro Lights II Dawn From The ‘Planade’ #surfdunedin St Clair Longview Dawn Waves Afternoon Fun Expression Session, Kneeboarding Surfing World Titles 2020 (01.03.19)St Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand The Poles At Dusk White Island Light Hues & Lines Beach & Steps At Dawn The Poles St Clair Dawn The Esplanade At Dusk

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  1. Amazing photography as usual John yes it can be a lovely place to get coffee and sit and look at the sea thanks for Wednesday blog starts the day with a smile every time 😃

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