Warauwerawera #toru

Warauwerawera #toru

Recently I did three things. First, spend less time on social media. Second, read a few books. Third, went for a few walks.

The first book I pulled off the shelf was ‘The Dark Is Light Enough by Vincent O’Sullivan, a biographical portrait Ralph Hotere. The second was Victory Over Death: The Art of Colin McCahon by Rex Butler and Laurence Simmons. Once I’d finished these books, it led me to visiting places like the Hōtere Garden Oputae in Port Chalmers and Long Beach near Purakanui. Rather than simply photograph what was in front of me, I wanted to create a response to what I saw. What I wanted was to create an artwork that was a response to my time in a time and place. So, I asked myself, did I have anything to say and what was it?

Today: Warauwerawera #toru

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