Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

The Hy & Mum (Day 16 of 30)

I’m guessing Thursday must be power walking day on the Esplanade. This morning I saw two large groups of ladies power walking their way along the Esplanade and down the beach. One group even had their own music blasting away for inspiration. Just as they passed me Lady Gaga was telling them to “Walk, walk, fashion, baby, Work it, move that bitch crazy.” Then, as quickly as they had arrived, they disappeared off down the beach, into the sun, striding confidently and with purpose on the wet sand.
#lovindunners #majesticdunedin #johncaswellnz

2 thoughts on “Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby”

  1. VERY SAINT CLAIR DARLING (said in very posh voice). Similar to the desperate housewives series or Stepford wives Peculiar creatures have similar hair styles and clothing hold heads up high and are sometimes frantic in their movements ! Lovely photo though thank you

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