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Hydro Open (day 6 of 30)

I spent a couple of hours enjoying the surrounds of the Esplanade over the weekend. By the time I reached the roundabout on the corner of Bedford Street and Forbury and Victoria Road there was already a tranquil feeling about the place. The one thing to be said for the area surrounding the Esplanade is that it’s a wonderful place to walk, no matter what the weather. There are options to walk the local streets that populate the community, you can explore two completely different beaches, take in the Esplanade on the water front or completely give up and treat yourself to a coffee and a tasty bite from one of the restaurants and bars. On this occasion I decided to make the most of seeing the ocean, still, calm and looking very tranquil, if not a tad cold.

Tranquil Saturday Falafel Mate Anything but .. Metropole

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