South Dunedin Carpark

South Dunedin Carpark

This image is all about empty space and shapes. The theme of space and silence is one I keep coming back to time and again. Often I’m looking at empty space and silence out in the country however the recent Level 4 lockdown was a wonderful opportunity to explore the theme. I find it fascinating to see all the lines and shapes that can included into the frame when you remove human activity.

One thought on “South Dunedin Carpark”

  1. Is it better or worse Is it peaceful or lonely. Do we crave for human contact or are we happy to be alone. It’s once again the happy medium everything in moderation but unfortunately it’s not like that everyone is in a hurry and has to get places and do things at an amazing pace with a certain selfishness just to survive in this crazy world Oh level 4 I’m sure we’ll be there again soon but not until level 1 brace yourself for the chaos

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