Just Another Bombtrack

Pastel Coloured Clouds (Day 19 of 30)

25 Steps (Day 18 of 30)

Today’s a double post filled with lots of random bits and pieces. Firstly, it’s a double post day as I didn’t get yesterday’s photo published. This was due to fact that I was covering some Grassroots rugby which you can see here if you’re interested https://tapebootsandbeer.com/.

Secondly, today’s image (Pastel Coloured Clouds, Day 19 of 30) I managed to get during a short period when all the low cloud lifted and a touch of colour appeared in the sky.

Thirdly, I was listening to Rage Against The Machine while out shooting on the beach this afternoon, which inspired today’s blog post title Just Another Bombtrack.

Fourthly, I hope everyone on the West Coast is ok. About 1000 have been evacuated and are unable to return to their homes in Westport after a weekend of heavy rain and rising river levels caused widespread flooding over there.

One thought on “Just Another Bombtrack”

  1. Pastel clouds beautiful Choice of music awful. Yes really a terrible time for the people in Westport How lucky are we to live here

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