It’s Coming To Rome

Italian Beachfront (Day 13 of 30)

What else can I do on a day when Italy won the European Championship for the second time by beating England 3 – 2 on penalties at Wembley this morning (Sunday UK time) but include something Italian. Why not celebrate with your favourite pasta recipe and bottle of Peroni tonight for tea!
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2 thoughts on “It’s Coming To Rome”

  1. Well if Sterling hadn’t thrown a Hollywood and the corrupt ref hadn’t awarded England a penalty and they had beaten Denmark fairly I would have supported them in the final and would have been devastated along with David B Tom Cruise Princes Willy and Georgie but Karma and Italy won bravo Italiano !

    1. No matter how good Bukayo Sako, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho are, they are still 19, 23 and 21 years old respectively. Now that’s a lot of pressure to put on such young players.

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