Fairlie-Tekapo Road

State Highway 8, Burkes Pass, 2021

I wanted to create an image where the eye moved across it in one single and deliberate direction. My first thought was of the fence line and the different wires and textures that ran across the scene. The closer I looked the more I noticed how they seemed to break the foreground up into tiny sections, each with their own unique characteristic.

From there I wanted the eye to slowly move up the image having to refocus and adjust on what was there until they reached the top. It’s an image where I wanted to encourage the viewer to have a long stare and ask their own questions about the different textures and shape formations they could see.

The Experience Of Seeing
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One thought on “Fairlie-Tekapo Road”

  1. This is my childhood memory of travelling to Lake Alexandrina for the holidays tussocks as far as the eye can see never ending darker up close lighter faraway

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