s t r a n g e d a y s

funky light (day 7 of 30)

There was a strange, funky light on the Esplanade this evening. At the same time last week it was 3.7 degrees, tonight it was a massive 18 degrees. That’s unheard of Dunedin in July and a whopping 15 degrees temperature shift. Venturing along the footpath there was a very ominous feeling in the air, almost as if something catastrophic was going to happen. I really wouldn’t have been surprised if the sky had opened up and a UFO had appeared. Maybe it was the calm before the storm? Strange days in indeed!
#lovindunners #majesticdunedin #johncaswellnz

One thought on “s t r a n g e d a y s”

  1. Now this photograph is really interesting It has many shapes and angles all in one little scene The colourings are different yes definitely sci-fi

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