Poles at Sunrise

Poles at Sunrise (2021)

This is another visit to the central themes and ideas of emptiness, silence, space and how human activity can be dwarfed by nature. Once again it’s an acknowledgement that even now, there are places where all the white noise of the world can be switched off for a while. Following on from the image I shared last Thursday, everything in the image has been included and excluded deliberately to achieve the feeling I wanted it to invoke when I look at it.  It’s another long stare rather than a quick scroll on the screen.

At the moment I’m developing a description and colour palette of Dunedin in winter through single words or short poetic lines. I’d like you to contribute. Using one or two words, describe Dunedin and Otago in winter by commenting below. If you’ve not from Dunedin fear not, poetic winter lines like the one above will help as well.

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