Watching The City Come Awake

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I arose and enjoyed spending a few minutes watching the city come awake. The air had a fresh untouched feel to it. I watched barista’s carrying out tables and chairs happily singing away to themselves, delivery vans came and went as signatures were quickly scribbled. That’s what I love about mornings, they have a fresh, new, anything is possible feel to them. Unless of course you’re wildly hungover. Fortunately I wasn’t and so as the rain started, I savored watching the city stretch and yawn. Just then the smell of fresh coffee hit my nostrils.

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The Experience of Seeing doesn’t follow set themes or ideas. Instead, it’s about seeing beauty in everyday objects and creating photographs that ask and answer the questions I have. It’s about taking a photograph in a way that reflects what I was thinking and seeing. That’s what these photograpgh’s are about, The Experience Of Seeing.

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