Taieri Mouth Fishing Boats

Taieri Mouth Fishing BoatsBuy or view the Ōtepoti | Dunedin gallery

I like wandering around fishing boats, they seem to hold a noble calling that dates back to the romantic age when everyone traveled by sea. This is something I like more in theory than practice as I certainly don’t have sea legs, nor do I have a stomach for fresh fish, so spending any time on a fishing boat holds no appeal at all. However, I can see why others might like it. I guess it’s the aged look fishing boats have that I find interesting, and what stories they could tell.

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The Experience of Seeing doesn’t follow set themes or ideas. Instead, it’s about seeing beauty in everyday objects and creating photographs that ask and answer the questions I have. It’s about taking a photograph in a way that reflects what I was thinking and seeing. That’s what these photograpgh’s are about, The Experience Of Seeing.

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