The 41 Peg Track

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My next task was to venture along a track to Tomahawk Lagoon. Being all down hill, I assumed this would be an enjoyably easy stroll over farm fields with delightful views of the Pacific Ocean. I had read that it was ‘well signposted’ to the picnic area at Tomahawk Lagoon and was also labeled “Advanced Tramping Track.” I assumed this was more of a rough guide than anything else! It wasn’t long before I discovered that my delightfully easy stroll was anything but. The grass was long and head height in places, perfect for concealing all sorts of objects like track marks, rocks and other objects that are good for tripping over. Adding to this fact was that it had recently rained. I can tell you that long grass holds a lot of water and for a surprisingly long time! However, it wasn’t long before I emerged drenched from the waist down, covered in all sorts of cuts and scrapes. Fortunately I came out on a field at one of those stone walls that seem to be able to last forever. The view I had been expecting opened up in front of me.

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